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How to give a 500 square-metre luxury residence in Australia a truly cosy feel

Restyling project by Nido Studio Interior Design in Melbourne is a hymn to mix & match.
Cosy, intimate, and huge: here’s the detailed renovation project of an ultra-luxury apartment by Nido Studio Interior Design in Melbourne. Stretching over a 500 square-metre area, this opulent hideout is set at the 61st floor of a skyscraper overlooking the Southbank district...



Southbank: life in the heart of Melbourne means farewell to the daily commute

I love Southbank. Yes, love is a strong word. But that love only extends to certain times of the day: around 6.30am to 7am to be precise, when the sun is eking its way up over the Yarra, and the only people out striding the streets are literally striding, or running...



Sky-High Southbank Apartment / Nido Studio Interior Design

Designed by Nido Studio Interior Design,  Sky-High Southbank is an apartment that worships phenomenal city views, respects the architectural integrity and arrival journey through the apartment tower, and creates a self-assured, inviting and adaptable home...